Here at Birmingham Drain Services we will do everything possible to solve any drainage problems you may be experiencing. We offer a variety of repair methods to give you the most cost effective and efficient drain repair possible, such as:

Excavation and replacement of pipework
This allows us to remove the damaged pipework and replace with new fully serviceable pipe.

Cured-in-place Pipe Lining
This method of repair allows us to avoid having to excavate in order to repair the drainage, therefore this method is often preferred whenever possible. This is done by lining the drain with a resin which once activated and hardened creates a watertight sealed pipe within the existing damaged pipework.

Patch lining repairs
This no-dig method allows us to target specific sections of pipework for repair, this can help to keep costs to a minimum and can also be completed quicker than an excavation repair with minimal disruption caused.

Our team of specialists are available to manage the repair from start to finish for your peace of mind.

All works are carried out to a strict health and safety policy, so you can trust that you and your property are in safe hands with us.

Please see our pipe re-lining page for further information on no-dig repair methods.